Future Party Lab evening programme – The future starts now: How can we party like there is a tomorrow?

**UPDATE: Sadly we need to announce that the Future Party Lab 2021 will only take place digitally. Our programme won’t change though: All the workshops and labs will take place. **

The evening programme will be broadcasted live via Facebook. Feel free to post your questions and comments online. After the event you will find the video on our vimeo channel.

Future Party Lab / December 4, 2021 / 7pm-9pm / online / Free admission

Future Party Lab invites representatives from nightlife and sustainability as well as interested clubbers to join forces and develop innovative concepts for a sustainable and climate-friendly clubculture. After a day full of workshops, labs and networking we will finish off our programme with a keynote and a fishbowl discussion bringing together the best ideas for the sustainable club of the future.

7 – 7.30 pm: Keynote by Dr. Gregor Hagedorn: Repairing Spaceship Earth – Cultural Contribution to a Sustainable Development

Why it is not enough to focus only on our carbon footprint? Gregor Hagedorn (Scientist at The Museum für Naturkunde – Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science, Co-Founder of Scientists for Future) will point out what should be the role of the political “handprint” and the “handprints” of us as individuals. We are going to identify how this topic is linked to the cultural sector and how we can translate it into clubculture.

7.30 – 9 pm: Fishbowl Discussion: The future starts now: How can we party like there is a tomorrow?

Clubculture can play an important role in shaping a sustainable future and has the potential to inspire many people to move. Clubtopia – our vision for a climate-friendly clubbing scene – starts tomorrow. What do party goers and club owners need in order to change? How can we party like there is a tomorrow? What kind of changes need to happen? Our experts will discuss on how to bring this vision alive. They will share their knowledge of clubculture, climate activism and sustainability and present ideas that have been developed in the Future Party Lab workshops. According to the fishbowl format, people from the audience can join the discussion and share their ideas on how to build the club of tomorrow. The discussion will be led by the artist Juba.

With: Juba (DJ/ Boko! Boko! Collective), Katrin Wipper (Music Declares Emergency), Rüdiger Schmolke (Sonar – Safer Nightlife), Sarah Bergmann (Act Aware e.V.), Alma Linda (DJ and event organiser), Kira Taige (Feel Festival, Zukunft Feiern) – AND YOU!