Future Party Lab – Evening Program

Keynote & Panel Discussion / September 29, 2021 / 8 pm – 10.30 pm / Marie-Antoinette & Fitzroy / Free admission 


Reset. Update. Time for new eco routines in club culture. The last two years have shuffled the cards in the club scene – a chance for new ideas and climate-friendly routines! On September 29, Future Party Lab invites to its evening programme providing a space to shape the sustainable future of clubbing. 

Participation is free of charge. Please register here: https://eveeno.com/future-party-lab-2022

Keynote by Van Bo Le-Mentzel: Circular City – How to shape the city of tomorrow
8 – 9 PM ▪ EN

Van Bo Le-Mentzel is an architect, designer, activist, author and calls himself a karma economist. He initiated different projects in between design and social participation such as Hartz IV furniture, the One Sqm House, Karma Chakhs, Tinyhouse University and the Co-Being-House.  

As an architect, he is also involved in urban planning debates. With his vision of a circular city he wants to create a cycle between social neighbourhoods, parcs, industry and of course club culture. His keynote will take you to the city of tomorrow, where culture, art, nature, industry and people not only co-exist but interact in a circular way.  

Panel Discussion: FLINTA* in the climate movement & club scene
9:00 – 10:30 PM ▪ EN 

The climate movement and club scene have something in common: in both fields FLINTA* lack of representation and their perspectives are often left out. This is why this panel will give a platform to representatives from both scenes: What challenges do they face and what is already done to overcome them? What can people from the climate movement and club scene learn from each other? The discussion will be led by the artist Alma Linda. 

Contributors: Claudia Tober – Klimakollekte, Jess2empress, Lilia van Beukering – FemmeBassMafia, Lea Dehning – BUNDjugend/Locals United 

About Future Party Lab 

On September 29, Future Party Lab invites representatives from nightlife and sustainability as well as interested clubbers to join forces and create the club of the future. More information on the workshops and labs can be found in the day programme.

Future Party Lab is part of Clubtopia – a project initiated by BUND Berlin, clubliebe e.V. and Clubcommission and supported by Livekomm. Clubtopia is funded by the Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action. The Future Party Lab events aim to make Berlin’s nightlife more sustainable and climate-friendly.