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About Clubtopia

Clubtopia devotes itself to sustainability and climate issues within the Berlin club scene, addressing clubs, event organizers, as well as club guests. The goal is to raise awareness and change behaviour for a brighter and climate friendly future. We believe that Berlins nightlife has the potential to find creative solutions to become more sustainable. At the same time, clubs, venues and parties can positively influence their audience by being a lighthouse of green clubbing.

We are very happy to announce, that the Green Club Guide is now also available in english. It stands for sustainability, energy efficiency, and climate protection in clubs. You can Download the english version here:

smartphone version · desktop version · print version.

What and who is behind Clubtopia?

The project is the result of many years of great cooperation between clubliebe and BUND Berlin. The current project is also supported by Clubcommission Berlin and Livekomm. It is funded by the Berlin senate for the mobility, transport, climate protection and environment. Our long-standing commitment to a sustainable and climate-friendly club scene has been honored with two awards in 2019: the Listen to Berlin: Award, as well as the Brighter Future Berlin Award.

What we do and how we can support you

The project connects experts of nightlife and sustainability. We want to motivate practical climate friendly action in club and event management. We would like to encourage Berlin’s cultural operators and users to become more sustainable and in particular, more climate friendly.

Therefore we offer:

  • Round tables for a green club culture: Club and party organisers come together with the aim of developing an eco-friendly code of conduct for their nightlife activities. Click here if you want to join the next round table.
  • Knowledge: We offer an online tool which helps club staff to reorganise their venue in a sustainable way. The green club guide provides all the information – from waste-reducing measures, to energy effiency and improved mobility. In addition to that, we are available for workshops (in German, English or French) and presentations to transmit our knowledge.
  • Energy Consulting: After an on-site visit we gather information to measure the venue’s carbon footprint and research climate friendly alternatives. Please get in touch if you are interested.
  • Future Party Lab: Our design thinking labs and workshops bring together experts of nightlife and sustainability to shape the future of sustainable clubbing.

Contact us & become active

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project coordination
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Press and communication
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Matthias Krümmel
Energy Consulting & Speaker for Climate Protection Policy
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